About Us

Who are we ?

  • We are a Non Profit Organization working in Africa to improve quality in health care

What do we do?

  • Improve quality & reduce errors in patient care.
  • Interpretation of standards & building compliance into natural process of health care.
  • Customized education for hospital & medical stuff.
  • Develop great physician , management & board leaders.
  • Ensure truly effective medical stuff.
  • Reduce liability to Risks.
  • Improve clinical processes.
  • Optimize the introduction of new technology & therapeutics.
  • Ensure patient satisfaction.
  • Ensure patient safety.
  • Meet Regulatory , legal and accreditation requirements.
  • Preparing hospital to get accreditations.
  • Reduce morbidity , mortality , disability and improve health status by providing preventing , promoting , basic , curative health services.
  • We are trying to enlighten the ways for quality in the other side on the world of the paths of improvements by developing a range network of contacts & information & education & also opportunities work to serve the community & people they live in Site of office.
  • We work to provide effective, efficient and equitable healthcare system to insure wide spread use of effective health measures all over Africa.
  • Our healthcare system work on improving health by delivering the right volume and distribution of services using a good provider – client interaction on all community , local and national levels.
  • We work on preventing , protecting and curing the epidemic spreading diseases in Africa as HIV/AIDS , TB , Malaria (Children , Maternal diseases ) and all other infectious dangerous diseases .
  • We are co-operating with households , individual , non-government , government , private sectors , donors and global initiative to reach needy groups including poor women , children , urban , rural resident , acutely and chronically ill all over Africa.